Our Platform

Why 43 Digital

See why 100’s of businesses every week are coming over to 43 Digital.

No IT required

43 Digital is cloud based and lives on our own servers so there’s no need for your IT team to get involved. Our code can simply be dropped into the page content and away you go.


We offer all of our features as standard and at one price. The only variables are hosting, streaming and enterprise


The simplest to use, fastest and most reliable video platform in the market.

Bespoke Design

Templates are just that, this is why we offer a player that can be deployed to your specific company branding making it 100% yours. Minimalist design with no compromise.


The 43 Digital player sizes automatically to the optimum size for the device and screen size its being viewed on.

HTML5 and Flash

43 Digital auto detects which device the video content will be played on and deploys the correct player.

Ecommerce Page

43 Digital provides eCommerce and online retailers with all the tools to deploy an effective video strategy.

Product Pages

Increase customer engagement and conversions through our product video player.