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Case Study

Are you getting the most out our your video strategy?

Thomas Pink is the leading international luxury shirt brand and is part of the LVMH group. In addition to their iconic shirts for men Thomas Pink also retails a range of mens and womens clothing and accessories.

With over 90 stores worldwide, a growing international franchise and a market leading digital presence, Thomas Pink is truly a global multichannel retailer committed to continual improvement and providing exemplary customer experience cross channel. A key strand to their overall marketing activity centers around brand and product content and video features extensively as part of the strategy.


Increase in conversion rates.
Increase in video ROI.
Increase in click through.
Increase in average basket size.

Nadine Sharara

Head of Ecommerce,
Thomas Pink

“We now have an easy way to track ROI from video with positive increases across all KPIs like for like.”

Conversion rates from video are 200% higher than site average, and we ve seen a further 20% uplift on that using 43 Digital. Overall VROI has increased by 20% and average basket size is up 20%. Furthermore we can now see which products and categories are performing best, and which individual videos are delivering revenue.

The 43 Digital platform is now the anchor of our video strategy as it saves us time and helps us generate increased revenue for the business through optimisation. We re now looking for ways to expand this through to our brick and mortar stores and other partners.


Thomas Pink was an early adopter of video having first introduced a branded player in 2009.

They had always known there is great value in video but the biggest challenge was in understanding how to monetize its true value and how to harness and optimize the opportunities thereafter.

Creating video content is costly and with ever increasing pressure on budgets it was imperative to better understand how to deliver genuine ROI.
Furthermore, the responsive nature of a digital business demands an ability to act on insights quickly.
Thomas Pink required simple and efficient administration of uploading and distributing content to their own channels and partners.

A further quote from Nadine Sharara, Head of Ecommerce at Thomas Pink:

“We needed a partner who understood our challenges and who could help us overcome them. The 43 Digital team shared our vision for a platform that would deliver insight on true ROI in one unified view whilst at the same time provide full autonomy and self sufficiencyto manage and distribute our content. We now fully understand the ROI we get from our budget and how the conversion drivers work together, which is invaluable for us.”

Key Performance Indicators


Uploading, encoding, managing and deploying video content is faster and more productive than ever before.

The Requirements

Thomas Pink had very specific requirements for their video platform.

Analytics and Insight

Prior to the deployment of 43 Digital one of the biggest challenges was a lack of detailed analysis of performance. There was no easy dashboard or interface, making the process of obtaining reports and insights lengthy. The reports that were readily available were top level and simply didn’t provide enough detail in order to make informed strategic decisions.


The process to upload video was manually handled via an agency and meant that there was often latency and issues with quality. Historic technical issues had prevented the implementation of a product feed making it impossible to monitise at the individual product level. The existing platform required a large amount of time and resource to manage.

The Results

Since implementing the 43 Digital Platform Thomas Pink has increased their ROI from video content.

Publishing and content distribution is far more efficient, technical performance is improved, and video performance is visible at a very granular level.

Great insights have emerged by differentiating between content and product video, allowing Thomas Pink to see how consumers interact with varying content types and how these contribute to the TRY NOW cycle and customer lifecycle.

In addition the Analytics track the interaction of video alongside other on site conversion tools including the Virtual Fitting Room, Ratings and Reviews, Product Recommendations and LiveChat providing Thomas Pink a true view of Video contribution to sales.

The Analytics show video performance in exactly the detail needed to make informed video investment decisions including: product, category, channel, country, visitor profile and device.

Click Through Rates With Video